If you are looking for an agent that is available 24/7 then I am the one for you. You can call me anytime of the day or night and I will be ready to answer any questions you may have.

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If you are looking for real estate in the Bozeman area, we have over 2500 listings ready for you to view.

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Livingston Listings

These ranch properties offer more than just space, but revenue for generations that will be appreciated.

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Kalispell Listings

Kalispell homes and land are very hot on the market today. We offer numerous cabins with mountan views.

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Lakeside Listings

If living next to a lake is your ideal of a great lifestyle, then we have several properties near the Lake. 

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Big Fork Listings

This quaint little town sits in a bay that overlooks the Flathead Valley. Lots of shops and botique eateries.

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Somers Listings

This sweet little town has cabins and family homes with lots of space and perfectly located.

I am Julie Speigle

Julie is regarded as the top sales agents in this region.
Julie’s amazing career began when she was just 18 years old, where she worked as an administrative assistant for her father who is also a professional real estate agent. However, the lure of selling & facilitating large property transactions was appealing and since joining the property industry two decades ago, Julie has never looked back.

Her career today has been outstanding, Julie has consistently achieved record prices in achieved big city buildings including Vision Development, Lakeview, Total View and Mountain Tops. Julie is intelligent, dedicated and one brilliant negotiator. Her excitement for real estate and customer satisfaction is presented by her huge clientele list that few agents could match. 

A wealth of details, local market knowledge and customized client service are the points of difference for Julie Speigle and her proven success in the real estate industry. She is licensed in Montana and Wyoming and works at company offices in Bozeman and Cody and will soon be specializing in national parks properties in West Yellowstone in the popular suburbs of Wapit Junction, Dry Creek, Spike Ridge, Cougar Pass and Big Sky Pointe.

Having worked and lived in this area over the past 32 years herself, Julie has a wealth of knowledge in the southeast Montana regions of Bozeman, Ennis, West Yellowstone, and Red Lodge. 

Julie’s lengthy career has awarded her as a prestigious agent among colleagues for a number of record sales in Bozeman, Red Lodge and Livingston. She has proven results in the art of negotiation and leaves her clients assured that they have received the best price possible.

Her belief in communications is vital and is committed to providing a high level of transparency for clients throughout the sale process. Julie is a result driven person, tailoring individual strategies to achieve the absolute best outcome. 
Julie Speigle is a respected sales agent, who is perfectly suited to the Bozeman Properties brand and values its superior marketing resources, culture of service and unrivalled level of success.

If you are seeking an experienced, personable and motivated real estate professional with proven results and extensive market knowledge, then speak to Julie Speigle, your local property specialist. 

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What my clients are telling

IDX Real Estate Web Sites

John Meloncamp

My agent was the best agent in all of the area. She found that perfect property in only a short period of time. I highly recommend him to anyone. 

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Sela Ward

This lady was the very best we could have found.  She knew her stuff and sold our house quickly. Her marketing strenght exceeded all others.

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Jennifer Aniston

What can I say... Julie was fabulous with everything she did. Her insight with the local area was far beyond what we could have ever expected.

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Antonio Bandit

We told Julie what we wanted and withing a few days, she called with appointments and by the end of the week, she sold our home and we found one. 

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