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Company PLUS

Agents & Listings

With WebMIZER™, we understand the importance of promoting your agents on the company web site. Our "PLUS" system provides each agent with their own biography page and a link to their personal property listings. This new option is easily managed within your AquaMLS control panel.

With every action, a little reaction is going to happen.

A powerful web site helps to make agents successful

At initial set up or at any time, we can add your current agents to your company web site. The cost to add each agent which includes: Agent Personal Page, Agent Contact Details, Agent Listings
Each agent has a one time charge of $25.00 at time of set up. 

Individule Agent Listings

With Company Plus, each agent will have a link that will give the viewer ability to view the agent listings. 

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Individule Agent Listing Contact

With every listing, your agents will receive contact inquiries from viewers. Additionally the admin will be copied.

Powerful Options

Individule Agent Web Page

Every agent can have their own web page portal designed with personal details about each agent.

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