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Team Agent

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In today’s marketing accession, a relatively new concept where multiple real estate agents organize to create a professional sales team. The team normally has a leader and the leader will ordinarily offer insight and advice to other team members. This is especially true when an inexperienced real estate professional is looking to learn the business from a seasoned professional.

These team members are all active professionals, some with more experience than others, and are members of the local MLS organization. As a member of the local MLS group, each agent has the authority to display all the local MLS properties in their web site.

What You Get:
New Web Site -Team Pages-Team Listings
Company Listings-MLS Properties-Map Search 

Serving clients is the goal

"When you are agressively marketing your clients property, your clients are going to be happy with what you're doing"

When multiple agents join together to make a “Team”, there are several listings that are immediately joined together to the team members via an IDX portal. With WebMIZER™, we can populate your web with each members MLS properties. With the click of a link, on the web site, these listings will populate the page instantly. Each Team Member will have their listings on display in a professional format that will allow the viewer an easy access to view properties on the Team web site.

Like a company web site, all property questions will be sent directly to the Team administrator who will then disperse them to the prospective agent. When using our Team Agent profile service, you will ensure Team members will receive every inquiry without having to cycle through so many agents working at the same business and rotating floor duty.

When you combine WebMIZER™ flexibility of web site designs, and team up with an unbeatable online presence, your direction of success will lead you to new horizons and opportunities that will direct your professional career on a course of prosperity.

Give us a call if you have any questions about “Team Agent,” and you could soon be on a new course for an accomplished career. 

At initial set up or at any time, we can add your current team agents to your Team Web Site. The cost to add each team agent which includes:
Agent Personal Page, Agent Contact Details, Agent Listings

Each agent has a one time charge of $50.00 at time of set up and includes personal web page and personal listings on MLS.


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